We’ve been in business since 1974 and are thankful to have such an experienced team operating our three Ontario locations. Collectively they bring considerable knowledge to the table on a daily basis. The commodities we handle on behalf of our customers cover a full spectrum: from automotive to life science; from healthcare to energy resources; to items so new, due diligence is required to fully determine the proper classifications.

Over our history, there have been several commodities shipped more frequently by our customers. As a result, we have developed significant customs clearance expertise in the following areas:

Mobile Equipment Dealers

Specifically in the construction, manufacturing, forestry and agricultural industries. Link+ has developed a program specifically targeted to mobile equipment dealers that provides this industry with cost-effective and hassle-free customs clearance for the equipment and parts. 

Casting and Forging Companies

Many castings are subject to import duties when imported into Canada.  Link+ has done extensive research and obtained an opinion from Canada Border Services Agency that allows some of these castings to be imported duty-free. This saves the importer a significant amount of money. Additionally, Link+ has helped a number of casting companies recover significant amounts of money by filing refund claims for duty paid in previous years.

Live Plants

Link+ has developed a particular competency in the customs clearance of live plants. Each spring nursery plants are imported into Canada. These shipments are time sensitive and require additional approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to be allowed into the country. Link+ is very experienced in handling these shipments and ensuring that all approvals are obtained, all without delaying the truck driver on this time sensitive and perishable commodity.