Customs Clearance

As Customs Brokers our customers rely on us to make clearing our borders as seamless, worry-free and cost-effective as possible. We pride ourselves on being accessible and taking the extra steps necessary to make each transaction flow smoothly.

Although customs clearance is very much a transactional procedure, we add a degree of personalization and customer knowledge that is unique to Link+. Our staff are trained to look at each entry in detail and take the pro-active steps necessary to ensure everything is processed properly. We put our extra knowledge and customer awareness at the forefront of every entry. We also take great care of the "outside the ordinary" transactions including:

Complex Transactions

Some importers have very complex needs such as importing hundreds or even thousands of products at once. Entering and classifying these products within tight time frames becomes a very difficult task. Link+ has been able to use its extensive IT capabilities to transfer and manipulate data electronically between the importer, us and Canada (and U.S.) customs. This IT capability dramatically reduces the work required to clear these shipments, improves the accuracy of the data and saves the client a tremendous amount of time and money.

Audit Support

Periodically, Canadian or U.S. Customs will conduct an audit of an importer’s previous activity. Link+ always supports its clients throughout these audits. Link+ will review and manage all information presented to customs authorities, liaise with customs authorities and help the client comply with customs requirements. The results of these audits are always much more favourable when Link+ is involved.

Duty Drawbacks

Link+ has extensive experience in recovering duty that clients have paid in the past. Through extensive research, Link+ has identified products that can be classified under lower duty categories, obtained written rulings from customs authorities to support these new classifications and recovered significant amounts of duty paid in the past. Many Link+ clients benefit from this expertise every year.

Customs Clearance