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September 08, 2023

Link+ Corporation Announces its Acquiring by Russell A. Farrow Limited

Link+ Corporation is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Russell A. Farrow Limited, effective May 12, 2023. Farrow is one of the largest private and family-owned customs broker and logistics services providers in North America. This acquisition is Farrow’s fourth in the last three years, and will provide Link+ with increased market coverage and additional tools and resources afforded by a larger organization.

A Canadian, family-owned company headquartered out of Windsor, Ontario, Farrow brings to the global trade industry over 110 years of expertise in customs solutions, international trade, and integrated logistics. The Company has operating locations across Canada and the United States, along with Europe and Asia, and manages over 800 employees with 37 offices and warehouses. Farrow ownership is now in to its fifth generation of the Farrow family, with current ownership under Farrow brothers Richard (Rick) and John Farrow.

In addition to providing Customs Brokerage, Farrow offers a broad range of additional global trade related services that will now be available to existing clients:

• North American warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment

• Global logistics through international freight forwarding and global supply chain management

• Ground transportation and expedited deliveries, and

• Global import/export and trade management consulting.

As well, Farrow recently announced that they have been designated a Canada’s Best Managed Companies winner for a fourteenth consecutive year, achieving Platinum Club status in the most recent eight years consecutively – an accomplishment few companies attain.

Grant Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at Farrow, shared “Link+ is a company that prides itself on being a customs broker of great reputation, skill, and customer centricity, headquartered in London, Ontario. We at Farrow are excited to welcome Link+ employees and clients to the Farrow family.”

Looking to expand their business, Farrow saw this opportunity to acquire Link+ as one that would mutually benefit both Companies – particularly because Link+ is a great cultural fit that will complement Farrow’s business. Farrow and Link+ share common core values around client centricity and genuine care for employees, neither of which will change with this acquisition. Farrow’s leaders are very excited to have purchased Link+ and plan to grow this business further.

Link+ will continue as a standalone Company for the foreseeable future. Nothing will change day to day – current company operations and staff at Link+ will continue to operate as-is, with the only difference being the Company’s ownership. John Paczkowski will continue on as President of Link+ – reporting to Grant Robinson – and the Link+ leadership team will remain in place.

Going forward, Link+ will look for ways to optimize its new relationship with Farrow – including access to their infrastructure and additional professional services – to enhance the value Link+ offers to both its clients and employees.

This is an exciting development that will be of long-term benefit and stability to Link+ staff and clients.

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